Mastering Blockchain

Learn how to build real world ready blockchain applications-->Nov 01, 2018-->24 Hrs

Blockchain Bootcamp

This instructor led training is a full course on blockchain development. The course is taught by one of the best trainers and experts in industry with 20+ years of experience.

This course is for beginners who want to get started with blockchain and build blockchain apps including smart contracts. The bootcamp starts with the fundamentals of blockchain, distributed systems, and cryptography. Course then covers basics of Solidity programming language and Ethereum platform. In the end, you will build several real-world blockchain applications and smart contracts.

Duration: 4 Weeks (New class starts each month)
Start date: Nov 01, 2018 | Dec 01, 2018 | Jan 01, 2019 | Feb 01, 2019
Time: Sat and Sun, 3 hours a day.
Just In Case: Course will be recorded and available to you online in your account. If you miss a week or two, you can join the same course following month.
Q&A: Instructor will be available for limited Q&A.

Who should take this Blockchain Training Course?

Anybody looking to upgrade their careers and get on the exciting blockchain bandwagon can enroll for this Intellipaat blockchain training course.

What are the prerequisites for learning Blockchain?

  1. Candidates should have at least 1 year of experience in technology.
  2. Good understanding of a programming language.
  3. Candidates should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Good to have object-oriented programming knowledge.

Why should you learn Blockchain?

Blockchain is one of the fastest and in-demand technologies. 7 out of 10 large corporations are looking at Blockchain as their next platform. Blockchain demand will grow day by day. This is your time to get ahead of the crowd.

Table of Content

Blockchain Overview

  • Issues with the current financial system
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • History of Blockchain
  • Current status of Blockchain
  • Potential and future of Blockchain
  • Terminology and Technical foundations
  • Understanding the Big picture

Distributed Systems

  • What are Distributed systems
  • What is peer to peer network
  • CAP Theorem
  • What is a Decentralized application (DAPPS and DAO)
  • What is Distributed ledger
  • How does Blockchain work
  • How should Blockchain application be planned
  • limitations of Blockchain
  • Consensus and Mining Algorithms

Cryptography Concepts

  • Cryptography essentials - Concepts
  • Cryptography essentials - Hashing
  • Cryptography essentials - Certificates
  • Cryptography essentials - Asymmetric Encryption
  • Popular algorithms
  • How Blockchain uses Cryptography
  • What is ownership
  • How does blockchain assigns, protects and verify ownership
  • Documenting ownership
  • What are users and accounts
  • Key and addresses
  • how to conduct user management
  • Privacy and anonymity

Ethereum Concepts

  • What are transactions
  • What are Blocks
  • What constitutes a Block header
  • What constitutes a Block body
  • What constitutes a Transaction
  • How are Transactions and Blocks stored
  • How are Transactions authorized
  • Blockchain Data structures - Merkle tree
  • How are blocks chained together
  • Understanding Forks
  • Understanding soft forks and hard forks

Dapp Project Introduction

  • Auction
  • Token Management
  • Voting

Solidity Essentials

  • What is Solidity - A primer
  • Solidity in details
  • Writing contracts
  • Object orientation
  • Basic Data types
  • Advance Data types
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Global variables and functions
  • Expressions and Control Structures
  • Modifiers, Events and Error handling
  • Accepting payments
  • Fallback functions
  • Constructors
  • Logging Debugging
  • Unit testing
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Steps to deploy a smart contract
  • Invoke a function in smart contract

Ethereum Environment

  • Ganache-CLI
  • TestRPC
  • MetaMask
  • Mist
  • Remix
  • Web3
  • Solc
  • Truffle
  • Private Networks
  • Test Networks

Building a Real-World Blockchain Application

  • Building Token Management application
  • Building the web front end
  • Building Smart Contracts
  • Deploying smart contracts - advance using Truffle
  • Connecting Front end to smart contracts
  • Using Web3 to invoke smart contracts

Dapp Architecture

  • Possible Dapp architectures
  • Client side account management
  • Server side account management
  • Understanding and using Metamask
  • Learn Web3

Unit testing

  • Unit testing of contracts using Javascript
  • Unit testing of contracts using Solidity

Other Topics

  • Comparing Ethereum with Neo
  • Comparing Ethereum with Hyperledger
  • Understanding ERC tokens in Ethereum
  • Understanding ERC20 tokens
  • Building your own ERC20 token on ropsten network
  • Using Blockchain as a service feature provided by Azure

Your Instructor

​Ritesh Modi
​Ritesh Modi

Ritesh Modi is an ex Microsoft Senior Technology Evangelist. He is an Architect, a Senior Evangelist, Cloud Architect, published author, speaker, and a known leader for his contributions towards Datacenter, Azure, Bots, Blockchain, Cognitive services, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and automation. He has worked on Ethereum and solidity extensively helping and advising startups and companies.

Ritesh regularly speaks on and presents Blockchain, Ethereum, and Solidity to architects, evangelists and has written contracts internally at Microsoft. He has spoken at theTechFest, Air Summit, and meetups on Blockchain and all such emerging technologies. He has authored many books, some of which are written exclusively by him while some books, he has co-authored with the team of experts.

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